Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yard Sale

On Saturday we had a garage sale with our next door neighbor.  I would have donated the stuff long ago, but my kids were really eager to have one and earn a buck or two.  They really are a lot of work and I wanted to keep the set up easy and not have to borrow too many things for display.  So here is my tip I came up with after running out of rack space:

I used my garden stakes and an old pole... voila...more space!

I also used a single stake and that worked well for hanging handbags

I was pretty proud of my innovative thinking.  I could just be the last one to know and maybe people do this all the time.  I have no idea, but I thought I would share it anyway...just in case and pass on a helpful piece for any of you yard sale sellers!

I read some stats and yard sales are a BIG business out there.  Over 60 million people will yard sale this year.  Clearly they were not at my home.  There was a lot of down time.  See below my example.  My college girl next door noticed it looked like I was wearing fish net stockings from the shadowing of our table.  So I spent the next 5 minutes taking a picture of it.

You know this was big time since I don't usually post pictures of myself!!  :)

Mostly I just loved to see the excitement on my kids faces when they saw kids jump out of the car and head to the toy station they had set up so meticulously.   You'd think that the 50 cent sale was a million dollar deal.  I love that.  Then my 5 year old looks at the two quarters and asks his big brother,

"So how many of those do we need to get to buy ourselves a puppy or a baby sister?"



Mrs Conti @ Belvivere said...

Love the pics & the idea... I wish we had garage sales in italy.... Ciao ! xxo

Karena said...

Love your child's comment!! Great idea for hanging bags and totes!

Art by Karena

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Ann said...

I think I've had two... and did not enjoy either. Things you've loved just get trashed, but I know how the kids are- so excited. Bless you for trying!

pretty pink tulips said...

So exciting to do something the kids will enjoy!

I've been so tempted to do a yard sale here, but keep worrying I'll spend more time getting ready and packing up than if I just donate and take the write off.

Which reminds me....I've got bags and bags of things for consignment and donation. Better get cracking!

xoxo elizabeth

The Buzz Blog said...

I've never been down the yard sale lane for fear that nothing would sell and I would have to put everything back into the garage again! But you've given me some hope... And you're a genius with the garden stands!

Charlotta Ward said...

Kelly, I LOVE the look of that temporary clothes' rack! I think there is an permanent idea in that. I can see those gorgeous garden stands with a nice long rail for a quirky and different way of hanging clothes in a mud room.. There's something with the contrast and simplicity..

We call these things 'garage sales' here in Australia and there is even a 'National Garage Sale Day' for it. It's a wonderful way to recycle, repurpouse and to pick up a few bits and bobs for a buck or two.

Hope the kids had a wonderful time and that they earned a good return on their hard work. :)


xx C

P.S. Another new banner? Loving the changes darling. x

this free bird said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!! Your 5 year old's comment is GOLD. I would have fallen on the ground and passed out.

On my way down I would have taken that RIDICULOUS ashley bachelorette with me. What a gong show!!


Stitchfork said...

Your two guys can come run one here and I'll give them the larger split of profits since they are the pros now! I share The Buzz's fear of having to put it all back so find it easier to donate. Brilliant idea with the garden stakes!
xo Cathy what's it going to be?? puppy or baby sister?!!

Mona Thompson said...

Yard sales are definitely a lot of work. Years ago a friend of mine and I had several. We actually made quite a bit of money and just had fun together. No more though...Just too much work. I bet your children loved it. Mona

Blue Fruit said...

That has to be the take home line of the year!

quintessence said...

Clever set up! And love that the kids were so excited!!

OneCraftyFox said...

Hey babe, you have smokin' hawt legs!! That is an awesome picture. I love what you did to create space for hanging clothing bags, totally novel.

I remember being totally excited about yard sales as a kid. I bought my first INXS tape cassette from my neighbors teenage son when I was in grade school (had no business listening to that kind of music at that age, btw), for a quarter. He later wanted to buy it back, but I refused and told him it was a legitimate and final sale.

That didn't stop me from selling his little brother back a teddy bear that he had given me as a gift out of puppy love the year prior. I broke his heart and made $5. It was a big day.

Stacey said...

Love how creative you were with the garden staves. I've had a couple yard sales(with moving etc.) and i agree , they are very hard work-lots of planning and getting up very early on the day of. Sounds like your children were very excited and were active participants too! Hurray for summer break:-). XX

SoapyMermaid said...

this last photo is so sensual and beautiful. i love yard sales!! your children seem to have had much fun :)

STYLE'N said...

ha ha love that last picture! and so cute that your little one wants a puppy..or a sister.LOL!