Friday, June 3, 2011

Freaky Friday

I haven't done one of these in a long time, so I thought I would have some fun and post this picture...

And now ask the question, What Am I?

A)  A 3D drawing with fine pencil strokes and I shot down and added contrast

B)  Hair clippings positioned under glass and I shot upwards outside

C)  A slinky uncoiling and I shot at an even level as it uncoiled with a slow shutter speed

D)  Something else.  If so...what?

Nothing like a brain teaser on a Friday when we are trying to brain dump!

I've been trying to hold true to a M, W, F posting schedule.  See you on Monday for the answer :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

A combination of A,B,C. That's what it looks like to me. Of course I'm being playful, but it's "Freaky Friday" afterall;-)
Have a nice weekend.xx

Persis said...

i'd say B.


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The Buzz Blog said...

I'm guessing B, too - knowing your little two have beautiful silky curls! Happy weekend, Kelly!

Ashley Sisk said...

I immediately thought it was hair clippings.

Stitchfork said...

My first guess is B too - hair clippings. Tests - stressful! Have a fun filled weekend while you keep us all in suspense...
xo Cathy

Stacy said...

Hair clippings....but whose??!

Splendid Willow said...

Hi my friend,

B! One of your boys finally agreed to a haircut...!

Hope all is well. I am not ignoring you - I am in Sweden right now taking care of my old Mom. I will be back in the saddle next week.

Warm hugs to you and happy weekend!


OneCraftyFox said...

I'm going to go with "A" on this one!!

Have a fabulous weekend, Kelly

Blue Fruit said...

Wow - this new look blog is fantastic Kelly! Love it ~ completely, radically different from before. (Although I loved that too ~ but I am all for change to mix things up a little to keep people on their toes.)

pretty pink tulips said...

I'm definitely going with hair clippings! I'll check back to see on Monday.

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

bikim said...

loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great photo!
happy week!

Mona Thompson said...

Kelly, I just can't get my eyes off the new blog. I love everything you've done. It's all so wonderful. And I'm going with hair clippings too. Hope you've had a great weekend. Mona