Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sun Kissed

With the sun out a little brighter, a little longer and a little hotter...I am thinking of a recipe for the body and soul that will give us that extra glow...

Beach bound 2011.  Ready to go?

Ahhh, summer and the sand in your toes!  XOXO

P.S.  I just found out I am being featured over at The Buzz blog by Diane James Home.

How wonderful a gesture and so not surprising from the classiest place to find flowers and extra special gifts.

Thank you! 


Splenderosa said...

So ready for a lovely long vacation, somewhere near the beautiful blue waters, but nowhere HOT, like it is here. What's wrong with the weather all over the world? Just tragic in Joplin. xx's

Blue Fruit said...

What an extraordinary image. Reminds of those old Coke ads from the 70s when I was a kid.

Heather Pranitis said...

I'm definitely ready! It's not hot enough here yet for us to head to the beach but it will be. When its really hot here, 100+, we like to head to the beach in SoCal for the weekend. PS - I love this picture.

The Buzz Blog said...

With the sun finally out here I'm planning on a sun-kissed wardrobe! I posted your fabulous flowers today... their beauty is something to behold!

Stitchfork said...

Think I need to head your way for this sunshine! Brilliant photo!
xo Cathy

Zondra Art said...

Amazing and interesting images, I lake it!

Have a nice day:)

Miles Of Style said...

i'd give almost anything to spend this summer on the beach!

p.s. don't forget to enter this fabulous Love of Dresses giveaway.

bikim said...

summer is already here! we have been having glorious days!
take care,

pretty pink tulips said...

We have sun!!!! Seems like the first time in weeks. The beach club opens this I am happy, happy, happy...and laughing at myself that my beach bag is no where to be found. Better head to the attic!

Loved seeing you beautiful work on The Buzz today! We're buzzing about YOU!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

Ahhhhhhh Sand & sun....sounds like a girls trip to me:)

I am glad summer is starting & we can relax and just ENJOY! Can't wait to catch up. Seems like for-ev-ah!


ps-very cool image the post processing!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello Ms Kelly Frances Dunn! x

Love the thought of warm sand between the toes.. *sigh*.. It's all but warm here right now..
That said, we did go to the beach for what we referred to 'one last swim before it gets too cold'.. That was on the weekend and now it feels so far away. Winter is only a matter of days away (1 June) and I am SO coooooold!

Big hugs

xx C

Aerides Designs said...

Congrats on your feature!

Privet and Holly said...

While I prefer the
wilder beaches like
those in the Pacific
NW, most of the summer
I have to settle for
the lake beaches in
our area. Whatever
kind, I'll take it,
as being around any
sort of water, for me,
is mesmerizing! Congrats
on your recognition.
Hopping over to have a
xx Suzanne