Monday, April 18, 2011

August Heat

When you think of August, you think hot.  By then we are wearing as little as possible with little regard for how cool we look!

Perhaps that is what Auguste Rodin was channeling when the French sculptor made L'age d'airain in 1876.  Translation means Age of Bronze.


I know.  Trying to keep this educational.  Art and it's history is something that I love almost as much as the works themselves.  The little plaques that give a snippet of the plot as to why the piece had been created.  The cliff notes that just scratch the surface of genius or what some view as complete madness.  Either way, it all comes from somewhere deep within a creative mind and that is always a beautiful place to go.  At least it is in my world :)

So, without further adieu, I give you the caption and a softer edited version of this piece.  Taken at the Nasher Sculpture Center in the Arts District of Dallas when I went home last month.  This was one of the more interesting behind (no pun intended) the scenes...

"This is one of only a few know life-size plaster casts of The Age of Bronze, Rodin's first true masterpiece.  Rodin had originally entitle hit work The Vanquished as a tribute to casualties in the recent Franco-Prussian war.  His model was a soldier, and Rodin first showed him holding a spear upright in his left hand.  By removing the spear, Rodin created an ambiguity of meaning that puzzled critics, some of whom also found the supple modeling of anatomy so life-like that they accused Rodin of making a mold directly from the model's body.  To defend himself, Rodin produced photographs of his model in the same pose for comparison.  He also changed the work's title playing upon the sense of awakening created by the figure's upraised arms and closed eyes, to suggest the dawning of ancient man's self-consciousness."

Have a most unbelievable Monday!

What will your plaque say about what you created today?



Poppies and Sunshine said...

What an amazing piece of art! It is incredible!
I hope you had a great weekend, Kelly! xo

The Buzz said...

What a neat bit of history behind a beautiful work of art... Thanks for sharing and letting us reflect! Don't know what my art (or blog) will be saying this week as I'm just back from a week away!

Stitchfork said...

My arms are up, my eyes are closed - but I'm wishing I didn't have so much to do around here!
xo Cathy

AB HOME Interiors said...

My business coach keeps telling me I need to learn, stay on top of things and never keep studying....this counts right? I have done my due diligence for today. Hehe I will just tell her I came to Kellys little corner and learned some much appreciated art history!

Blue Fruit said...

My plaque will say "Today she invented the most fabulous balustrade design ever!" Or so I wish!

Loved the art history lesson. His expression can be so many things, all in the eye of the beholder....

Casa Bella said...

Nice to learn about the history behind that beautiful work of art.