Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heart Flurries

Breathing heart
Your breath is warmth in the cold

Beating heart
Brings life to the old

Bleeding heart
Love spilled love spent

**All images original works created by me**

Be still my heart
You're my best friend

I hope we all see spring sooner than later!  Hopefully you've been toasty warm this winter and having a great start to 2013.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carry Me

(Get) Carried Away:
An explanation used to show exaggeration when becoming emotionally involved

The very act of being carried is one of the most physical outward gestures of genuine care, protection and love for something other than yourself.  We've all seen the pictures of a firefighter pulling a small child or animal from the depths of despair.  The pictures of a bride being whisked away by her Prince Charming after a joyous reception.  The images or mothers and fathers leaving the hospital for the first time with a new life bundled safely in a carrier.  The soldiers who've carried their fallen and wounded brothers to safety.  A lineage of husbands, sons and grandsons carrying the casket of a grandfather.  A team carrying their coach after a victory.  A child carrying their new pet out of a shelter to bring home and love.  Telling someone you'll pray for them and then taking the time to carry their wants and needs straight to heaven because you know that day, they need your strength.

When was the last time you got carried away?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Culture Club

CULTURE:  The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

As this early spring washes away the mild winter, I can't wait to see the hot trends that emerge from the genius minds of art and design.  This time of year the forecast is PRETTY PRETTY and a definite chance of PRETTY!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

At My 12

At my six is 2011.

At my twelve is 2012, all 365 days of it.

Do I look behind...I should.  Blessings, mistakes, record highs and temperature lows of life give me volumes of books to stand on and see a blank canvas waiting in a warm tomorrow.

Do I look to my left or right...I should.  Those standing by me and around me should always be accounted for, thanked and given a moment to be shared.

Do I look ahead...Absolutely!  Blogging, designing, picturing and creating is a part of me and I have not abandoned any part of what lies in my heart of hearts.

Whether it be changing the number of the year, changing how we feel, changing our hats or simply changing the color of the stripes on our walls, may you have an inspiring start to the new year and that you are above all else, happy.

I hope you enjoy this piece I designed trying to capture everything I had in mind.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ninety Eight

My husband's grandmother has passed away.  We are headed to Kentucky.  The last time we saw her, we never knew it would be...the last time.

MeMa and my youngest

When my husband and I were dating, she was already at the point of telling the same stories, over and over, but still had a sparkle in her eyes.  In recent years she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, which progressed very quickly.  We have never lived close enough to witness the decline.

This time is definitely more about my husband and his side of the family.  However, she now knows just how I always felt about her.  From the moment we first met, she was willing to talk to me and share.  Maybe I was just really willing to listen.  She took the pressure of joining a family and made me feel like I just might belong.  I don't have much to remember her by, except for a few pictures and the conversations that were had.  I do have two items that she gave me and they have always been front and center in our home.  One sits at our desktop and the other I used to wear daily on my right hand, until I found it to be too fragile for every day wear.

Simply put, she was proof that there are moments with people that are perfectly orchestrated by a higher love when you need it most.  A smile, a laugh, a hug, a gesture, a story.  My son says I say the same things over and over right now.  MeMa was a little older than I, so I guess age is truly is just a number :)

Whatever age and whatever stage you have made it to today, it's a's a gift.

Is there something special about someone that you will someday miss?

One of my favorite pictures, my youngest son snooping around at her place.

My oldest son, hugging good bye...the last time.

I will be back soon.



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Skies are blue...

...and I'm tickled pink!

We are currently in the middle of our family beach trip.  I never meant to drop off the face off the earth, but packing for an entire summer, well there is just no easy way to get out the door.  We made it and here we are.  We will not stay here the entire summer, just the beginning of our travels.  The internet use has been touch and go.  I will keep in touch!  My husband is on vacation time, my kids are out of school and I am trying to cherish these days of the warm sunshine in our forecast and in my heart.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shelly, Oly, Holy Moly

Oly was founded in Berkeley, California in 1999 by Bay Area
designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger, whose vision
was to simply provide good designs at affordable prices. Oly’s
furniture,accessories, and lighting present a fresh blend of
clean lines and antique motifs. Blending the traditional with
the contemporary, Oly provides retailers and designers with a
style that works well in a wide range of environments. The Oly
line is designed in-house by Kate and Brad who have been
designing award-winning furniture for over 15 years. The
products are manufactured at our own factory overseas
and warehouse in and shipped out of California. Every piece is
handcrafted and has natural variations.

Copy from Candleabra, Inc.

Since we are head to the beach and every year we bring back more seashells than I know what to do with, I discovered this gorgeous source of home decor and more for ideas.  I am just featuring things made with seashells, but they have almost 500 decor pieces at Candelabra, Inc.  Not that I will be designing my own line anytime soon, it does give me some ideas on a much smaller scale of what I could do for the waterfront property that keeps calling my name when I put a shell to my ear!






Avail at 

Worth SHELLING out the big bucks for??

At least collecting them is free...

...and so is taking their picture!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Winter Flushing

I think this country can officially say winter cold is so yesterday and the summer heat it here!  It's the time when we all shed.  We shed our coats, we purged our homes during spring cleaning, our clothing covers less ground and the meat comes out...I mean for the grill!  After our skin has that initial exposure time with the sun, it's then we being to shine.  Blah's and blues are melted away.  Cool beverages and splash time wake us up.  We turn all shades of red, tan, brown and blush.  Painted toes, sunblock on the nose, our grass grows and everything about us...just fades to glow :)

This being the first week of our summer vacation, I am thrilled to welcome our official start to June, July and August.  This is one of the last works I had been working on right before my camera tanked.  I do have a new camera that I look forward to working with this summer.  As upset as I was that I wasn't looking to replace my good buddy, I know that timing is everything and with my future business plans hanging in the balance, this was probably a blessing in disguise.  As we pack up this week and head out for the rest of the summer, you will be getting a tour of our travels documented by all my great and not so shots with my new friend.  This will be my summer school, so I ask that you grade me on a curve!

Have a wonderful, happy Mon Day :)


Friday, June 10, 2011

The French Cafe

My dear friend had loaned me three books that bring her much joy and thought she would pass on the pleasure.  Two of the books were European interiors, also in a language that I could not understand.  I reverted back to my toddler days where turning each page and just enjoying the pictures were all I needed to sponge up out of the book.  The 3rd book, was in English and my favorite by a mile.  Pictures worth a thousand words and a good read no doubt.  I thought I would pass it on to any French loving, cafe going, culture club connoissuers!


The inside jacket reads:

`The French cafe epitomizes the French art of living.  Through its timeless glass doors float the aromas of strong coffee and black tobacco, hot milk and fresh croissants.  The cafe, open early till late, is both focus and microcosm of society.  Friends talk; lovers linger; the white saucers pile up as the world goes by; a lone customer comes in to read the newspapers or for a petit verre at the bar.  The French cafe is a refuge, a place to meet, to sit, to see and be seen.

An essential book for anyone interested in French life and culture, here is a wonderfully new and intimate look at a great institution, from the grand establishments dating from the beginning of the century to the small rural bistro, from the workers' local cafes to the legendary Parisian cares where the poets, painters and philosophers gathered.  From Directoire decoration to Starck style, this book reveals the rich variety and extraordinary inventiveness of cafe design.'

With 211 illustrations, 194 in color

If that isn't enough to bring you to a seated position, maybe a couple of photographs and captions will do.

`The Grand Cafe, Moulins.  Haunt of Rene Fallet and his friend Georges Brassens, of Coco Chanel and singer Boggy Lapointe.  All campaigning politicians make a stop here.  There days it offers brasserie service and organizes Saturday evening concerts in its theatre-like gallery.'

`The Cafe de l'Industrie, Paris.  Gerard Le Flem, traveller and film director, owns this little care of the 1880's which he has enlarged by teh addition of two enormous rooms opening on to a little indoor garden.  It attracts all teh young in-crowd of the Bastille district.  The design, recreated on the basis of a few surviving features, combines a certain dreamy exoticism with strict economy of means.  Dietrich songs are played in the background.'

This book truly delves into the term that we so often throw around "French cafe", or how about "French" or "Cafe" :)  It's a history lesson in petit doses with all the staples of a classic French meal that will sit well with you no matter what time of day you crack open this book.

Since today if finally the last day of school, I will officially put this on my list of summer reads, already read.  It's 110 pages of a lifestyle 300 years in the making.

Soins de se joindre à moi?
Care to join me?

Have a delightful weekend XO

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yard Sale

On Saturday we had a garage sale with our next door neighbor.  I would have donated the stuff long ago, but my kids were really eager to have one and earn a buck or two.  They really are a lot of work and I wanted to keep the set up easy and not have to borrow too many things for display.  So here is my tip I came up with after running out of rack space:

I used my garden stakes and an old pole... voila...more space!

I also used a single stake and that worked well for hanging handbags

I was pretty proud of my innovative thinking.  I could just be the last one to know and maybe people do this all the time.  I have no idea, but I thought I would share it anyway...just in case and pass on a helpful piece for any of you yard sale sellers!

I read some stats and yard sales are a BIG business out there.  Over 60 million people will yard sale this year.  Clearly they were not at my home.  There was a lot of down time.  See below my example.  My college girl next door noticed it looked like I was wearing fish net stockings from the shadowing of our table.  So I spent the next 5 minutes taking a picture of it.

You know this was big time since I don't usually post pictures of myself!!  :)

Mostly I just loved to see the excitement on my kids faces when they saw kids jump out of the car and head to the toy station they had set up so meticulously.   You'd think that the 50 cent sale was a million dollar deal.  I love that.  Then my 5 year old looks at the two quarters and asks his big brother,

"So how many of those do we need to get to buy ourselves a puppy or a baby sister?"


Monday, June 6, 2011

Asked and now Answered

Thank you for your input and playing the guessing game to my photo on Friday :)  It has been quite the busy weekend and we are heading into the last week of school for my kids.  I am just as ready for the break as my kids are.  On Sunday we went out on our boat.  It was a beautiful day and how appropriate that we were because that is where the Freaky Friday photo was taken last summer.

The answer is D, it was none of the above.  Most guessed hair clippings...sure does look like it!

There once was a time when a photograph was just that, a moment captured in time, honest and complete truth.  Hence the phrase "Pictures don't lie."  Well, that's not so true anymore.  With the amazing advancement in cameras and the introduction of editing tools, the innocence is lost and master manipulation reigns supreme.  This evolution isn't bad, it's just not as simple as it once was.  Nothing is ever black and white :)

So what is the original picture?

It is a picture that was taken after altering the settings on my camera to capture the light that is bouncing off of the water at the lake.  Here is a picture of just the light hitting the water...

I wanted a close up of the actual light bouncing around and the movement with the water.  I altered the White Balance, the Aperture and the ISO.  The only editing added was change the colors and that is why it looks like hair.

I hope you found this interesting and maybe inspiring enough to take the time to try something new, not just on a camera, but maybe on any device you might own.  I know there are features my microwave can do that I haven't even tapped into.  Same goes for my cell phone!  Technology is supposed to make life easier, but it usually ends up being to overwhelming to use everything to it's full potential.  My camera is my safe haven and the place I channel what brain power I have left in my down time.

What is your go to gadget?


Friday, June 3, 2011

Freaky Friday

I haven't done one of these in a long time, so I thought I would have some fun and post this picture...

And now ask the question, What Am I?

A)  A 3D drawing with fine pencil strokes and I shot down and added contrast

B)  Hair clippings positioned under glass and I shot upwards outside

C)  A slinky uncoiling and I shot at an even level as it uncoiled with a slow shutter speed

D)  Something else.  If so...what?

Nothing like a brain teaser on a Friday when we are trying to brain dump!

I've been trying to hold true to a M, W, F posting schedule.  See you on Monday for the answer :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Subject:  Lake home on Lake Norman, NC

Owner:  Have no idea, I just know it's not me

Cost:  Nothing to dream a little dream

The little red boat was too cute to pass up!

What tends to float your boat?

**Picture taken summer 2010**

Monday, May 30, 2011

Decoration Day

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day.  It is a day to remember and honor those who have died in our nation's service.

The least we can do is decorate our homes with the flag and our hearts with gratitude :)

This room by Wisteria is something that just made me smile.

How perfect for....

Decoration Day!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend



Friday, May 27, 2011

Spin Class

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all `yellow'

So then I took my time
Oh what a thing to've done
And it was all yellow

  YELLOW by Coldplay  

May the sun shine bright from the inside out this day and everyday!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sun Kissed

With the sun out a little brighter, a little longer and a little hotter...I am thinking of a recipe for the body and soul that will give us that extra glow...

Beach bound 2011.  Ready to go?

Ahhh, summer and the sand in your toes!  XOXO

P.S.  I just found out I am being featured over at The Buzz blog by Diane James Home.

How wonderful a gesture and so not surprising from the classiest place to find flowers and extra special gifts.

Thank you! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hanky Panky

My Inspiration:

Bobbin Lace Hankerchief c. 1800  with fine white detailing.

The crown emblem potentially tells the story that it once belonged to a royal family.

My Creation:

Spring Buddies, c. 2011

What delicate details will you be working on today?

Have a good one :)  XO